A Commitment To Quality

A commitment to quality

At Catalyst we are committed to providing the best quality of services to the VCSE sector of Stockton-on-Tees. We believe that in order to encourage and develop the best in Stockton we should practice what we preach. Catalyst Stockton have been undertaking several quality standards.

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PQASSO is a nationally recognised quality mark endorsed by the Charity Comission which offers service users and commissioners an external verification of the quality and credibility of a charity organisation.

Since 1997 PQASSO has helped over 17,000 large and small organisations to improve their effectiveness and quality in 12 key quality areas.

Key Areas:

  1. Planning
  2. Governance
  3. Leadership and Management
  4. User-Centered Service
  5. Managing People
  6. Learning and Development
  7. Managing Money
  8. Managing Resources
  9. Communications and Promotion
  10. Working With Others
  11. Monitoring and Evaluation
  12. Results

Catalyst are committed to earning their PQASSO quality mark by 2016 and we look forwards to sharing experience and improvements with the VCSE organisations of Stockton Borough.

You can find out more about PQASSO and how to get it for your organisation by clicking here.

Better Health at Work Awards (BHAWA)

Catalyst are proud to announce that we have successfully gained the silver level of the Better Health at Work Awards.

The Better Health at Work Award recognises the structured efforts of employers in the North East of England to address the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Silver level is awarded to organisations that take a holistic approach to health in the workplace:

  • Organisations must develop and implement appropriate health related policies.
  • Employers will participate in local, regional and national health campaigns.
  • Physical activities will be encouraged and accommodated by the organisation.
  • Consultation with employees on the development and implementation of healthy eating policies is undertaken.
  • Health and wellbeing will be embedded within all levels of the company structure.
  • Attendance management systems and ill-health cases are reported and investigated.
  • The organisation will readily provide health information to contractors and visitors

Find out more about the Better Health at Work Awards and how your organisation can get involved by clicking here.