2020 leaves a devastating legacy, but the global pandemic has also led to a surge in mutual aid with communities coming together, connecting with each other and helping the most vulnerable.

Social Enterprises are set up to with the sole intention to support communities, both in geographic terms as well as groups of individuals with a shared identity or challenge. Many of them responded to the crisis by adapting to the new needs of their communities, by providing food, care, advice and support, or by pivoting their business entirely whilst still continuing to support the people they were set up to help.

Social Enterprises always put the communities they support first, living their values day in and day out, and they will continue to do so long after the pandemic is over. This October we are asking consumers, businesses and the public sector to show how they choose communities and #BuySocial.

Be a part of the campaign

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with this years #BuySocial campaign. Check out some of the options:

Share on social media: It’s so easy to show the impact your are having on your communities by following #BuySocial and sharing on social media. At 10am on Saturday 17th October make sure you schedule a social media post so we can Create a thunderclap moment and get the campaign trending!

Create your own content to share: Whether its films or infographics use this campaign to showcase your impact!

Buy social: Buy from a social enterprise! There are over 1,000 to choose from in the Directory.

Talk to your staff to get them involved: Your staff are consumers, networkers and social media influencers! Ask them to choose communities by sharing on social media #BuySocial

Write a blog about your impact in your local community: What difference does it make when your commissioners/local council/government support your business, this is your opportunity to remind them of the positive difference they are making, include quotes from your staff and service users to demonstrate the human impact.

Invite your local MP: There were 140 new MPs in place after last year’s election, make sure they know who you are and the impact you are having in their constituencies. Invite them to your social enterprise or tag them in a tweet so they can see the impact you are having.

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