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The number of smokers accessing local stop smoking service is reducing each year.

Stockton Public Health team would like to consult and work with VCSE organisations in the Stockton borough to look at the feasibility of providing the stop smoking service and Stop Smoking Champion approach.

Stockton Public Health Team have already commissioned Stockton MIND and CGL to pilot their services to support their clients who are smokers to stop.

Stockton Public Health Team is working with Catalyst to do a marketing sounding and consultation workshop around VCSE stop smoking service model. We would like to get your view on the model and ways to help smokers to stop smoking.

The workshop will talk about the current model (Payment by Result), what the service is about and the requirement and support to provide the service.

Public Health will also talk about the most up to date evidence on electronic cigarettes.

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July 18, 2018

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