Epilepsy Outlook has been providing advice and information to people with
epilepsy in Hartlepool since 1987. They are now extending their unique ‘one to
one’ service throughout the Stockton area. Practical support is available to those
living with epilepsy or newly diagnosed, to help them and their families adjust
to lifestyle changes. Issues around safety at home or whilst out and about and
what to do during a seizure can be discussed with family members, who may feel
anxious as seeing a loved one having a seizure can be quite frightening.

For more information, contact Elaine:
Email: elaine.bartholomew@epilepsyoutlook.org.uk
Call: 07505541706.
Epilepsy Outlook are also providing Free Epilepsy Awareness Training to individuals and groups throughout

For further details call Jacqui or Andrew on 01429 297007.

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