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Research research Research Splashpage pieCatalyst Stockton are aptly placed to initiate research into the local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. Whether for research into the market, evidence base for commissioning or baselines of the sector, Catalyst are equipped to undertake many levels of research activities for the local community.

Scoping the Sector

Scoping the Sector is a statistical report which uses data collected from the voluntary and community sector of Stockton-on-Tees to give accurate informed estimates on the size and shape of the sector.

Each year focusing on different aspects of the local sector as well as a baseline, Scoping the Sector produces an platform of evidence which underlies the strategic developments of the local VCSE sector.

Local Demographics

Are you writing a funding bid or looking for information on the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees? Catalyst are happy to host access to the expertly produced locality profiles produced by Stockton Borough Council.

Data on local demographics and health profiles for ward levels are available and useful when writing funding bids or commissioning projects.

Public Consultation

Catalyst Stockton regularly undertake public consultation as part of our natural workstream. We are well placed to develop evidence and reports on public opinion due to the grassroots nature of the organisations we represent.

Policy Impact Studies

Research, formally evidenced, to assess the economic, social and environmental impact of public policy changes and their effect on voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in the Tees Valley.

Baseline of the Sector

Catalyst conduct research into the baseline of the local VCSE sector every year. Access to this information is available here. Get in touch to enquire about using our survey to research your questions.

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