Better Care Fund

Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund was announced in June 2013, and aims to achieve closer integration of health and social care services, as well as improved outcomes for patients, service users and carers.

What is the Better Care Fund?

There will be a pooled budget across health and social care services, with funding priorities set  by an agreed plan between the NHS and the Local Authority.

Stockton Borough Council and Stockton and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have committed to the conditions of the fund:

  • To protect social care services
  • To commit services to support hospital discharges
  • To improve data sharing based on NHS numbers
  • Joint assessments and care planning and accountable professionals for integrated packages of care
  • To agree on the impact of changes and risk sharing

The Better Care Fund links into the Care Act 2014.

Stockton’s Better Care Fund will include two plans with a focus on the over 65:

  • A Multi Disciplinary Service which will undertake targeted early interventions and preventative approaches and effective crisis management.
  •  Improvement in pathways and care for dementia building on the existing work of the local Dementia Collaborative

Additional priorities include:

  • 7 Day working
  • MDS joint Asse3ssments and Care Planning
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Narrowing Health Inequalities
  • ICT Systems and Data Sharing

Catalyst held a Better Care Fund briefing led Sean McEneany of Stockton Borough Council, who talked in depth about the fund, its potentials for the VCSE and the wider plans for Stockton.

Sean’s slides can be downloaded by clicking here.

More background information from KingsFund can be found here.

How Can the VCSE Get Involved?

The Better Care Fund will be looking to integrate all services in the Borough, from Public Health services, housing services and NHS services to local VCSE services.

There will be a focus on working together to secure service improvements for the people of Stockton-on-Tees.

There will be changes in Health and Social Care across the Borough to which Stockton’s wide and diverse VCSE will be able to work within.

Stockton’s implementation of the Better Care Fund is still in development. Remember to check back here for more information!

If you would like more information on the impact that the Better Care Fund is going to have on the voluntary and community sector please contact us by visiting our contact page.


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