Voice Forum Task and Finish Groups

Voice Forum: Task and Finish Groups

Providing a forum for organisations in Stockton to come together and talk about the issues that matter through Stockton Voice Forum.

Stockton Voice project provides the voluntary and community sector in the borough with an opportunity to influence decisions on policy and services in their area, and helps to identify assets and skills within communities that can be used to tackle issues in a positive way.

A key element of Stockton Voice Project are the Task and Finish Groups.  Similar to Voice Forum, these are smaller ‘action’ focused sessions where people from the sector have the opportunity to come together in small groups to discuss specific issues and make real change together. If an issue is raised at Voice Forum or elsewhere in the Sector that warrants further more detailed discussion/debate then a Task and Finish meeting is called to look specifically at this issue.

Holding follow-up meetings such as these allows other interested parties and those with real expertise in the issue to be invited and have some input.

Examples of recent Task and Finish work include:

  • Fuel Poverty
  • Increasing participation in the Western and Eastern Locality Forums
  • Tobacco Control
  • Local Council Tax Support Scheme
  • Housing for the most vulnerable in the Borough
  • Volunteering

If you are aware an issue that you feel may need discussing within Stockton Voice then please contact James Hadman, Stockton Voice Officer on 01642 733906 or email james.hadman@catalyststockton.org or get in touch via our contact page.

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