External/Network Forums

External/Network Forums

Catalyst represents the VCSE at Forums that facilitate information sharing and networking across Stockton. 

Stockton Voice hosts workshops and the Voice Forum bring together organisations in the sector to share information and have their say in developments in the Borough. There are other forums external to Catalyst who facilitate networking and information sharing. Catalyst represents the sector at many of these forums, and if you are interested in getting involved get in touch here and find out more.

Locality Forums

The 4 Locality Forums for the Borough adopt a new way of working at a local level, encouraging the community to come together with other key stakeholders to make real change. See Read More for dates and times.


These Locality Forums are supported by Stockton Borough Council and Catalyst supports the VCSE representatives that sit on the Forums.

The Locality Forums have replaced the old Local Area Partnership Boards and tackle their own priorities around giving every child in the Borough the best start in life and maximising family income as outlined in the Brighter Borough For All – Tackling Disadvantage the Stockton Borough strategic document.

This work is carried out through task and finish groups led by Locality Forum members and stakeholder events.  This approach encourages  the involvement of wider stakeholders from the borough and the Forums being more focussed on tackling issues within their local area and reporting their progress to the annual business meeting of the Stockton Local Strategic Partnership Board.  This approach leads to real positive social action in local communities.

There are 4 Locality Forums covering the following areas:

For more information on Locality Forums please visit:


Central Locality Forum

Central Locality Forum Dates

Which covers the areas of:

  • Hardwick
  • Bishopsgarth and Elm Tree
  • Fairfield
  • Hartburn
  • Grangefield
  • Parkfield and Oxbridge
  • Stockton Town Centre
  • Roseworth
  • Newtown
  • Norton and surrounding villages including Stillington
  • Carlton
  • Redmarshall
  • Thorpe Thewles
  • Whitton.


Northern Area Locality Forum

Northern Locality Forum Dates

Which covers the areas of:

  • Billingham
  • Wynyard
  • Wolviston and outlying areas.

Western Area Locality Forum

Western Locality Forum Dates

Which covers the areas of:

  • Yarm
  • Eaglescliffe
  • Kirklevington
  • Long Newtown
  • Elton and surrounding villages.

Eastern Area Locality Forum

Eastern Locality Forum Dates

Which covers the areas of:

  • Thornaby
  • Ingleby Barwick
  • Hilton
  • Maltby and surrounding villages

Stockton-on-Tees Independent Advisory Group

Membership of Stockton’s Independent Advisory Group is open to individuals and/or representatives (a nominated person plus a deputy) of all community groups residing either permanently or temporarily in the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees.


What is the Stockton Independent Advisory Group?

The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) was set up in order to increase trust and confidence between police and communities.

Independent Advisory Groups aim to be a reflection of local communities, including minority groups that are sometimes described as ‘harder to hear’, and act as critical friends in providing advice to the police.

How often does the group meet, where and when?

The group meets bi-monthly. Venues vary to accommodate full participation and expand knowledge of groups making up IAG. Meetings should be co-ordinated alongside existing Local Council/Strategic IAG/ Community Group meetings to ensure the best flow of information and actions and prevent duplication.

Who attends the meetings?

The group has an independent member of the local community as chair. Membership includes representatives from various community groups and organisations as well as the Chief Constable, PCC, Diversity Unit, Staff Support Networks and other guests as appropriate relating to the business underway.

Who do I contact for more information?

Cleveland Police IAG

01642 303396

Chair of Stockton Independent Advisory Group

Kevin Pitt


Vice Chair of Stockton Independent Advisory Group

Anne Howard


Secretary of Stockton Independent Advisory Group

Steve Brock


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