Get Involved in Roseworth Big Local

Get Involved in Roseworth Big Local

Roseworth Big Local brings together all the local talent, ambitions, skills, energy and ideas from individuals, groups and organisations in Roseworth.

Roseworth Big Local get Involved roseworth big local Get Involved in Roseworth Big Local volunteers 601662 1280How do I get involved in the Roseworth Big Local

The Roseworth Big Local is primarily aimed at people that live in the local authority ward of Roseworth. If you live in Roseworth you may be interesting in joining the Big Local Board. The Big Local Board is a resident led management committee who have ultimate say on how the £1m awarded to Roseworth is spent, they meet once a month.

There are however many other ways to get involved. Roseworth Big Local are keen to hear from individuals, groups or organisations that deliver services aligned with the priorities identified in the Roseworth Big Local Plan (Add link) with a view to developing partnerships through commissioning.

What types of things do the Big Local do?


Initially the Roseworth Big Local Board is focussing on priorities identified in their local plan. There are four priorities:

  1. Children & Young People activities
  2. Community spaces and infrastructure
  3. Activities and services – Bringing People Together
  4. Maintaining and managing a resident led Big Local Programme

The Roseworth Big Local Board are urging people to come forward with ideas that align with the four priorities backed-up with energy and a willingness to help turn ideas into action.

If you are reading this and have an idea – get in touch – it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it links to the priorities;  it could be a burning desire to help the unemployed, start a new business, improve the environment, establish a scalextric appreciation society, create a mini cinema, yoga, or Bonsai group or even develop a Roseworth Space Programme, the Roseworth Big Local is your once in a lifetime chance to turn your passion into action.

Who do I contact for more information?

Martin Landers is the Roseworth Big Local Development Officer. His role is to support the development of the Roseworth Big Local and he is based in Kiora Hall. Martin is the first point of contact.

If you have any question about the Roseworth Big Local, you can contact Martin by telephone: 07709804580, Email: or via the Roseworth Big Local Facebook page.

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