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The UK Government has set out a framework of what is considered the essential digital skills needed to living and working in today’s world. This has become even more important post Covid 19.

“The Essential Digital Skills Framework defines the skills needed to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world of today and the future.” –

You can view the framework HERE.



An email address is a fundamental tool needed for digital inclusion. In setting up an email account it is important to choose an address that is easy to remember. One that you will be able to tell people as easily as you give out your postal address. Your email address should be something personal to you and not a string of numbers or nonsensical words. Arguably, the best email provider to use is Gmail. This is because you get access to other free Google products such as Google Docs and a load more stuff.

However, if you use Yahoo or Hotmail you can stick with it but it’s still worth having a Google account, you’ll need one anyway if you have an Android phone or Tablet or to access a Chromebook laptop. It’s possible to collect your Yahoo or Hotmail into your Google Account using “Gmailify”.