Adoption Tees Valley look to recruit more adopters, amidst regional shortage for Tees Valley Children.

The Tees Valley is currently experiencing a shortage of adopters alongside a surge in children being given an adoption order.

The trend for a reduction in adopters isn’t just a regional problem but a national one. Adoption Tees Valley, the Regional Adoption agency for the Teesside, Hartlepool, Redcar, Darlington and beyond* is appealing for potential adopters to get in touch and is hoping to buck the downward trend.

In the Tees Valley, over the last 3 years there have been approximately 65 children per year who are granted an adoption order, however, this number is increasing and it is anticipated that around 90 children per year will require adoption.

Adoption Tees Valley is the new Regional Adoption Agency, which provides the Council Adoption Service across the 5 Tees Valley Local Authorities, it was created in order to make adoption services more efficient and reduce waiting times.

By pooling the Local Authority adoption teams, it creates greater opportunities for children to be matched more quickly, and allows all prospective adopters to be available to a larger number of children waiting. This in turn speeds up the adoption process.

Adoption Tees Valley, as well as recruiting adopters and matching them with children requiring adoption also offers a lifelong support structure to adopters, the children and birth families.

Vicky Davidson Boyd, Service Manager at Adoption Tees Valley says “We know that children who require adoption have long term emotional needs, we work closely with school services, psychologists, and other health and development services, to ensure that children get the best care they possibly can- after all, they deserve it, and we need to invest in their futures.

They offer a wealth of support services that are accessible to our adoptive families for as long as they need it and our base in Stockton is a community hub where everyone is welcome. In addition we look to support birth families too. We realise they go through a hugely sad and difficult experience and we help birth families contribute to their children’s life through our ‘post box’ contact service.”

Adoption Tees Valley are also working to breakdown the misconceptions around adoption, Louise Addison, Recruitment Team Manager Says: “It is often thought that adoption takes years where in fact our aim is to assess all adopters and have them ready for matching with children within 6 months of making an enquiry. What is most important regardless of whether you’re single, a same sex couple or a heterosexual couple with birth children, is that you can offer stability, love and the right outlook to become a parent. We also know not everyone will be ready for parenthood straight away and we offer lots of training and preparation for this”

Adoption Tees Valley hold monthly information evenings where interested parties can find out more about the adoption process. Alternatively, an initial home visit or call back from a social worker can be requested at, call 01642 526 400 or email

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