Early Permanence Placements allow children to be placed with carers who are approved both as foster carers (for that child) and adopters, while the court considers plans for the child and birth parent assessments take place.

The prospective adopter provides short-term fostering placement and will then go on to adopt the child if a plan of adoption is agreed by the Court.

It does, however, come with some uncertainty. Although it is likely the chid placed with foster carers will go on to need adoption, it is not guaranteed. Carers must be motivated to adopt a child but also be willing to work within a fostering plan until the Court agree the final order.

Pete and Chris adopted two children, their youngest daughter Amber came to them under an early permanence placement.

Pete said – “We did of course have to be realistic and bear in mind the different potential outcomes. There was no guarantee that this would be any more than a foster placement, and the little girl could be returned to her birth family if that was judged to be in her best interests. But even so, giving her that best possible start to life and allowing brother and sister the proper opportunity to know each other was something we were resolute to provide”

Adoption Tees Valley provide training and support to prepare you for this rewarding journey and you will also receive a fostering allowance.

Could you consider early permanence?

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