Grants to help not-for-profit organisations with more complex service adaption in their work with disadvantaged children and young people in the UK who are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding body: BBC Children in Need
Maximum value: £ 80,000
Application deadline: 01/07/2020

Children in Need is an annual charity appeal organised by the BBC.  Every year the BBC dedicates one evening of programming to showcase events aimed at raising money for charities working with young people in the UK. The Trust distributes the funds raised each year as grants to organisations that work with disadvantaged children and young people, under the age of 18, living in the UK.

Objectives of Fund
BBC Children in Need is providing the COVID-19 Next Step Grant Programme as a separate programme to its Large Grants and Small Grants programme.

This new programme aims to fund sustained responses to the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation.

The funding will help organisations with more complex service adaption, including additional staffing requirements. It is designed to be as flexible as possible, covering a wide range of activities. Projects can last up to 18 months and begin in September 2020.

A second Next Steps programme is expected to open in October 2020.

Value Notes
The maximum grant available is £80,000.

Grant recipients must start spending their grant by 30 September 2020.

Who Can Apply
Applications will be considered from not-for-profit organisations within the UK who meet the funder’s Minimum Standards for Grantmaking.

Organisations must be registered with the appropriate regulatory body, such as their nation’s Charity Commission or companies House (unless the applicant organisation currently holds a BBC Children in Need grant).

Priority will be given to organisations that

  • Target children and young people disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The funder recognises that the current crisis increases pre-existing inequalities.
  • Have mission statements which focus on supporting and empowering a particular group or community experiencing disadvantage.
  • Respond confidently in a local area and are best placed to do so. The programme wants to fund organisations that have the reach and trust of the communities/communities of interest they serve.
  • Can prove a track record of engaging disadvantaged children and young people over the last two years.

United Kingdom

Funding is not available for the following:

  • Educational institutions (including schools)
  • Prisons
  • Hospitals
  • Other statutory bodies
  • Capital/Building costs
  • Fixed equipment (eg, boilers, lighting etc.)
  • Vehicles
  • Statutory costs or Work which statutory bodies (such as schools or local authorities) have a duty to fund.
  • Non-Fixed equipment totalling over £20,000 (eg, play/sensory equipment)
  • Work delivered outside the UK
  • Work with young people over the age of 18 years.
  • Projects or work that start later than 30 September 2020
  • Retrospective funding, where the grant expenditure is due to start before the grant award date
  • Costs for which the applicant has also received funding for (duplication)
  • Contributions to reserves
  • Staff redundancy or re-deployment costs
  • Repayment of loans or debts
  • Investments
  • Pension liabilities and/or contributions to a large number of staff’s pension
  • Feasibility studies or scoping work
  • Projects which promote religion
  • Trips or projects abroad
  • Medical treatment or research
  • Pregnancy testing or advice, information or counselling on pregnancy choices.
  • Awareness-raising work, except where it is targeted at those children or young people most at risk.
  • Bursaries, sponsored places, fees or equivalent.
  • Political activity or, to party political organisations or for direct lobbying.
  • Individuals
  • For the grant to be passed on to other organisations.
  • General appeals or endowment funds.

Eligible Expenditure
Due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the funder has temporarily broadened the types of applications accepted.

Applications for the following are encouraged:

  • Project delivery
  • Creative solutions to deliver much needed services
  • Organisational stability and support
  • Applications must show how this funding will make a difference to the lives of children and young people during this crisis.

BBC Children in Need targets children and young people aged 0-18 years impacted by disadvantage including illness; distress; abuse or neglect; any kind of disability; behavioural or psychological difficulties; or living in poverty or situations of deprivation.

The following cohorts of children and young people have being identified as being particularly impacted by the coronavirus crisis:

  • Children and young people affected by poor mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Disabled children and young people
  • Children and young people affected by domestic abuse
  • Children and young people affected by bereavement
  • Young carers
  • Children and young people with life-limiting or life- threatening conditions
  • Children and young people in and on the edge of care
  • Children at risk of personal harm, eg, neglect, abuse
  • Children and young people at risk or affected by child sexual exploitation
  • Children and young people at risk or affected by child criminal exploitation eg, County Lines
  • Refugee and asylum seekers
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups (BAME)
  • Children and young people affected by issues related to parental support and capacity
  • Young people leaving care
  • Children and young people who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Children and households impacted by poverty and immediate crises including homelessness.

How To Apply
Subject to a successful Minimum Standards check, applicants will be asked to discuss and review their proposal with a BBC Children in Need assessor.  Applicants must be available between 13 and 31 July for this assessment.

All applications must be submitted online via the Online Portal. Once logged in, applicants will be able to complete and submit their application for the COVID-19 Next Steps grants programme.

Before applying, it is strongly recommended that applicants read the COVID-19 Next Steps Grant Application Form Guidance on the BBC Children in Need website.

The deadline for applications is 1 July 2020.

Applications will be assessed in the order received.

Notification of decisions are expected within 10 weeks of the application submission.

Please note a second Next Steps programme is expected to open in October 2020.

Useful Links
BBC Children in Need
BBC Children in Need – COVID-19 Funding Streams

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