‘So, how long before we come out of lockdown?’

I’m hearing that question all the time, usually accompanied by calls from others for lockdown to keep going for the moment, because they think it’s too soon to end it just yet.

At Catalyst we’re thinking about what the sector will need to do over the coming months, as the restrictions start to lift. It’s likely that there will be people who continue to face restrictions for longer because they are particularly vulnerable, or high-risk, at the same time as people start to return to work, to school or to self-employment. Some may already have done so. Government has been good at putting out guidance for employers, focusing on the need for us all to do a risk assessment of our premises, identify where employees need to be careful to avoid exposure to COVID, and put in place appropriate safeguards.

Our concern is for people in the community who may continue to need others to do their shopping, collect their prescriptions, or just generally have someone they can have a friendly chat with. It’s fabulous to see the huge number of volunteers who are helping deliver that kind of support at the moment. I’m hoping that we can work with you, our colleagues in the voluntary and community sector, to help those volunteers to continue to do a great job as we enter the phase of recovery from COVID 19.

Jon Carling

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