Rosemary Fletcher is volunteering for Catalyst during the COVID-19 pandemic. She will be working remotely with local VCSE organisations to look at their need for volunteers both during and after the pandemic as well as identifying volunteers that have come forward as part of the COVID response to encourage and support them to continue with their volunteering.

Rosemary usually volunteers for Volunteering Matters on their Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) and explained her background and how she came to volunteer with Catalyst.

“In late March an e-mail went out to RSVP (the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme – a part of Volunteering Matters) organisers to ask if anyone might be interested in a project that the CEO of Volunteering Matters was developing with colleagues from NAVCA and NCVO to make use of the abilities of people who were not able to carry out their regular volunteer organiser roles.

I gave a tentative response asking for more details and a few weeks later I was contacted by Barbara, a Volunteer manager with Volunteering Matters, and we chatted about the options. At the time I had started to wonder how to fill my time there is a limit to how much spring cleaning and cupboard clearing I could do. I said that if she thought it was possible for me to help someone somewhere (remotely) would certainly be happy to have further discussions. So that eventually lead to a “match” through Alex Boys from NAVCA suggesting that Catalyst might have a role that I could help with in the short term.

In “normal” times my role is as a hospital Volunteer organiser with RSVP, whose projects are volunteer-led and usually have a single focus. In RSVP Forth Valley we have four projects – hospitals, schools, walking and knitting. I have about 90 volunteers on four different sites across NHS Forth Valley in central Scotland. As well as recruiting and supporting volunteers I also do a couple of Meet and Greet sessions.”

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