This is the final round of the Tech for Good partnership which Comic Relief and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation started in 2016 to enable charities to use technology to deliver better services.

The Build 2021 programme will provide funding for up to 18 digital projects to a maximum of £70,000 per project. Funding will be available over a nine-month period commencing in June 2021. Alongside funding, successful applicants will have access to technical support from experts and advisors.

The funding can be used for digital projects at different stages of development from concept stage to those already in development.
The aim is to fund projects and organisations that:
Are focused on specific and clear user needs in their design, delivery and development.

Demonstrate a clear purpose for the use of tech and why it would be meaningful in the organisation.

Demonstrate resource and buy-in at senior and organisational level to manage and deliver the project being proposed.
Have adequate time budgeted for the project lead to participate in the programme.

Demonstrate the enthusiasm to engage with a collaborative cohort of funded partners. Make best use of existing technology.
Are sharable with other parts of the not-for-profit sector.
Projects must take place in the UK and can be local, regional, national or UK wide.

The funding can be used for a combination of:
Paying for existing core costs that are supporting the delivery of this project, plus any eligible new costs associated with it (eg, backfilling salaries for project leads).
Sourcing external support from a digital partner.
Not-for-profit organisations with an annual income of between £75,000 and £10 million that are based and working in the UK can apply. Applications will also be accepted from partnerships or consortia between multiple not-for-profits that aim to work together to address or improve a service delivery problem in their area of work.

Applicants should be committed to work in one or more of Comic Relief’s four core issue areas: Children Survive and Thrive, Global Mental Health Matters, Fighting for Gender Justice, or A Safe Place to Be. Applications are also welcome that address challenges related to disability and inclusion outside of these themes.
The deadline for applications is 12 February 2021 (12 noon).



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