Roseworth Big Local (RBL) have funded the delivery of a community choir in Roseworth as part of its previous 2018-2021 plan.

The current choir has around 15 active members and have performed at SIRF and other local events. They have also made a video during the 2020 lockdown which was used in promotions by the local trust. Prior to lockdown the choir would meet at the local social club once weekly for practice. During lockdown members have been meeting online.

As part of their new 2021 plan they would like to support the continuation, and ongoing development, of a resident-led community choir. Therefore, they are seeking quotes from suppliers to provide this service.

Aimed at residents of all ages, but primarily aimed at adults and older people in the area, RBL Community Choir aims to provide a positive, inclusive and welcoming environment in which participants can come together once a week for a feel good singing session and to socialise with other Roseworth residents.

Key Aims:

  • To bring people together to participate in positive community activity
  • To reduce social isolation and bring people together from all parts of our community
  • To increase wellbeing and self- esteem
  • To increase confidence and skills among choir members
  • To increase awareness and raise the profile of Roseworth Big Local
  • To support the resident led choir to become self-sustainable and independent of big local funding by the end of big local in 2024, leaving a lasting legacy in Roseworth.

The choir must:

  • Hold at least one group session per week, using Roseworth venues and/or community spaces. In 2022 we would like the choir to use our community space at Kiora Hall.
  • Provide both structured singing/vocal activities but also provide a social opportunity and a chance for people to get together
  • Be resident-led as much as able; with local people having a say in how the choir is delivered and what songs are performed.
  • Be encouraged to hold performances in their local community and the wider local area
  • Bring people together and meet the aims of the Roseworth big local plan
  • Hold the relevant paperwork and policies to run and lead a community choir; including (but not limited to) safeguarding adults, safeguarding children, Liability Insurance and

DBS checks for any staff and/or volunteers. This must be available two weeks before the project begins.

Building sustainability:

They would encourage all proposals to consider how a community choir would continue without funding in the future. They are keen to see creative opportunities for local people to be able to lead and take ownership of the community choir in the future.

Delivery: 12 months. Expected start date October 2021

Budget: They would envision proposals to be costed at around £6000, although there is some flexibility on this.

References will be sought: Please detail two organisations or groups which could provide references for work or projects you have delivered in the last 3 years.

I’m interested in giving you a quote. What next?

Please write a short proposal detailing how you would meet the aims of the choir. Please also give us a price for providing this service, including a breakdown of any costs. Please also include references.

Email to:

Deadline for quotes: Monday 9th August 2021 at 9:00am

For consideration by Roseworth Big Local Partnership in September 2021

Key contacts:

Claire Andrews, community development worker 01642 733906 or 07497151648


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