Are you a business looking for volunteering opportunities for your staff, to complete your corporate responsibility offer? We can help place you with local charities who require a range of volunteer support.

Social responsibility programs / Environment Social Governance can is a wonderful way you can boost your employee morale in the workplace; this can also to great productivity in the office. Businesses that implement social responsibility initiatives can increase customer retention and loyalty, outlined in the points below:

It builds public trust – many consumers state that they are more likely to support a business that engages in activities in improve the society around them, whether donating money or trough volunteering

It enhances positive relationships – When businesses or corporations exhibit philanthropic behaviours, they are more likely to provide employees with a positive workplace environment. Many Millennials, prefer to work for a company that has a high level of volunteering this not only attracts consumers externally, but also make its employers prouder internally.

Sustainability – This is one of the most important long-term benefits for a business. CSR helps companies become more sustainable. One obvious way to become socially responsible is to reduce carbon emissions and start using renewable energy. Companies can also do it through encouraging its workers to turn off devices when they are not using them and turn off the lights and air conditioners after work. By implementing this, the company can save a large amount of money on its utility bills as well as getting recognized as being a socially responsible company.

It increases profits – It is a misconception that you must make sacrifices to increase their company’s Community Responsibility; there are many additional benefits that come with it. According to consumers reviews customers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies. This increases profits and as a result, profits will increase because higher because it will attract more customers.

Encourage professional and personal growth – When companies change the culture of a business, they can easily promote volunteering to their employees and encourage them to donate to non-profit organisations. Employees are more likely to become individually, community minded if their company encourages that behaviour. It also lets their employees know that their employer is committed to looking at their local and global communities.

Take Action

Are you looking at ways of meeting you Community Responsibility? Catalyst can help you find ways to give back to your community and offer your employees a way of making a difference.

Contact our Volunteer Manager, Lucy Owens at or call 01642 733906 for more information.

Take a look at the galleries below to view some of the volunteering that staff of various corporations have supported. These include Virgin Media, Johnson Matthey and Knight’s PLC, who kindly offered their staff time to volunteer for various projects including decorating an office space, redesigning a garden space and donating kids toys and books for donation.

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