Grants of up to £2,000 are available for eligible individuals and families, but only in exceptional circumstances will individual grants exceed £500.

Applications will only be accepted from recognised social organisations such as charities, housing associations, schools and social services acting on behalf of a family or individual in need.

Applications are assessed every six weeks and you can expect a response within eight weeks of your application.

The Foundation’s trustees give priority to:

  • the most financially excluded people
  • families over individuals
  • those with caring responsibilities
  • items that will make the most difference to the individual/family’s long-term future

Other than in exceptional cases, Hardship Grants will only be made available for:

  • Household items (white goods and occasionally other items i.e. sofas, wardrobes etc.)
  • Basic Living Expenses (Utilities or food)
  • Work- or education-related expenses (interview clothes, school uniforms, laptops)
  • Rent arrears and Council tax arrears, but only where there is a clear and obvious risk of homelessness (for rent arrears involving a social landlord please outline what support has already been offered to your tenant)
  • Contribution to immigration-related costs, where the current immigration status directly causes financial hardship to the applicant

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