Grants are available to organisations doing legally charitable work in the UK that focuses on the Foundation’s funding priorities of improving the natural world, securing a fairer future, and strengthening the bonds in communities in the UK.

The funding is intended for projects with the following aims:

• Improving the natural world – We want  to ensure that our natural world is restored and protected and that people benefit from that recovery. Working with others, we will contribute to three key impact goals: preserved and improved species health and habitats, clean and healthy freshwater, and sustainable and ethical food.

• Securing a fairer future -0 We want to contribute to a socially just and anti-racist society, where people have their rights protected, as well as the opportunity to speak and be heard, and the freedom to express their creativity. And across all our work in A Fairer Future, we are keen to support organisations led by the people they serve.

• Strengthening the bonds in communities in the UK. We want to strengthen the bonds in communities, helping local people to build vibrant, confident places where they can fulfil their creative, human and economic potential. Places where the local economy works better for the people who live there, where there is equality of access to arts and culture, and where communities are at the heart of change.

It’s worth noting it is difficult to get a grant from Esmée. The majority of organisations (82% of all applicants, and 94.3% of “cold” applicants via our website) who apply for the funding are not supported. Please read all guidance carefully, but there is a great opportunity with this fund.

They do a simple quiz to check basic eligibility. Under their new strategy, they are making more longer-term grants with a more strategic focus, and fewer short-term or small-scale grants. As a result, they are not taking applications for grants of less than £30,000.

They don’t offer grants to organisations with fewer than three trustees or non-executive directors. This is the minimum governance standard they require to know that the grant will be protected against private gain.

They only offer grants to organisations which are constituted. For organisations that are not registered charities, they need to have constitutions which ensure that there is: sufficient public benefit; good governance; and protection against private gain.

The fund won’t take applications from organisations with an annual turnover of less than £100,000

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