The Environment Agency runs an annual campaign to encourage people to know what to do to protect themselves and their property in a flood.

This year, the campaign is aimed at young people aged 18 to 34, particularly renters and young families, and they need trusted voices like you to support them on social media to help make the campaign a success.

They’ll run the campaign for a week this winter when rain or flooding is on the news agenda because this is when people are most likely to take notice of the information and take flooding seriously. Because it’s weather-dependent, they don’t know much in advance when this week will be, but it will be deployed during any suitable wet week from 1 October to 31 March.

They would really love to have your help!

1. Take part in #JustOneThing

  • Ask a key figure from your organisation to record a video or take a photograph to share on your social media channels, telling us #JustOneThing they would save in a flood and why. It can be anything personal to them – perhaps a childhood toy, your child’s first drawing, designer shoes, your wedding outfit, a photograph? It’s up to you.
  • Add text to ask your friends/followers what they would save in a flood and encourage them to post their own pictures on Instagram.
  • Use the hashtags #JustOneThing and #PrepareActSurvive and make sure to link through to the what to do in a flood page on GOV.UK – this is a key part of helping people to know what to do in a flood and keeping them safe.
  • You can record your video or take your photo anytime, just hang on to it so you’re ready when the campaign goes live. It will run any time from mid-October 2018, so be ready to post it when we go live – we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do!

2. Support them on social media

  • Follow @EnvAgencyYNE on our local Twitter and @EnvAgency on out national twitter account for messages to share. We will be posting a range of material every day.
  • Like and share our pages and posts on our national Facebook page: Environment Agency
  • Follow and like our Instagram posts and stories. Envagency and locally @Envagencyyne
  • Post your own flood awareness messages – the campaign hashtag is #PrepareActSurvive. Here’s some suggested wording:
    • Flooding can kill. Know what to do in a flood – it could save your life.
    • It’s quick and easy to Prepare Act Survive. Let us show you how. What to do in a flood
    • Do you know what to do in a flood? Get prepared now to save months of misery and thousands of pounds of damage.
    • 5.2 million homes are at risk of flooding. Are you? What to do in a flood.
    • Join the millions of people who have already taken simple steps to Prepare Act Survive. What to do in a flood.
    • You wouldn’t leave your belongings out to be stolen, so why let them be taken by a flood? What to do in a flood.

3. Publish information on your website and newsletters We’ve drafted some articles to explain the risks of flooding to our target audiences renters and young families. You can also download the campaign images and artwork. Visit

4. Add our campaign banner to your email signature You can download the email signature banner from the campaign website

5. Put up posters in your local area
Download poster artwork to print off yourself from our campaign website


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