This programme is open for applications from Monday 22nd May 2023 until Friday 7th July 2023 (4pm) after which no applications will be accepted. Full details can be found here.

Grants are available for charitable organisations working in the areas of penal affairs and asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

To be eligible to make an application your organisation must be based in the UK and be one of the following:

  • Registered Charity

  • Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

  • Community Interest Company (CIC) (NB must be limited by guarantee, not by shares)

  • Charitable Company (NB you must be registered both as a charity and a company)

  • Excepted Charity (see Excepted charities – GOV.UK for more information on these)

To be eligible to apply, your total annual income as shown in your most recent accounts should be no more than £250,000.

If your income is above that in your latest accounts but your average income over the most recent three years is under £250k then you can still apply – this is to allow for one-off “good” years.

We are keen to support small organisations and our preference is to fund those already established rather than new ones (though these are still eligible).

You can choose which of these to apply for, however please note that to be eligible for unrestricted funding all the work of your organisation must meet our criteria. For example, if you were a general community group where only some of the work you did was with refugees then you could not apply for unrestricted funding as your other work would not meet our priorities. All unrestricted grants must be used for charitable purposes.

Organisations can apply for up to two years’ funding with grants awarded usually between £5,000 – £7,000 in value per year.

If you already hold a grant from us you can apply in this round provided that your current grant ends in 2023 – if it does not end until 2024 then I’m afraid you are unable to apply.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Asylum Seekers and Refugees continue to face hostility, challenge and isolation which prevents them being able to fully integrate into society; and some face considerable levels of poverty due to being unable to work or use their skills. We want to support organisations and projects which provide essential services; which help meet their needs; and which support their participation within the wider community.

Penal Affairs

Whilst custodial sentences are very damaging for all of those affected, research by the Prison Reform Trust shows that women are often more greatly impacted, especially where they have children or other caring responsibilities. During the Pandemic, for example, family visits to prisons were curtailed and many children did not see their parent for over a year. We want to support work “through the door” where charitable organisations go into prisons with projects and support to help prisoners (especially women) cope and/or maintain family bonds and to be better able to resettle positively when released. Equally we welcome applications for post-release projects which support positive resettlement and a reduction in the likelihood of reoffending. However, please note that job-search/employment agency projects are unlikely to be funded.

Grant Making Trust | The Hilden Charitable Fund | Hammersmith

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