Grants are available to community and heritage organisations and individuals in England for projects which improve understanding and awareness of overlooked historic places and celebrate working class histories. Deadline 07/11/2023

The funding is for creative projects that focus on heritage connecting people to historic places, specifically those people and places that are overlooked or underrepresented. The aim is to further the collective understanding of the past. There is particular interest in supporting community-led projects from groups and individuals that are not heritage organisations but can deliver heritage projects.

Projects need to:

  • Have co-creation at their centre.
  • Allow people to share overlooked or untold stories of the places they live, work and play in creative ways.
  • Encourage communities and local people to learn more about their local historic places and tell their own stories about them in their own ways.
  • Contribute positively to participants’ wellbeing and/or health.
  • Help Historic England to broaden the public’s understanding and knowledge of different types of heritage, and to promote enjoyment of local heritage.

Although grants will support projects with costs of up to £25,000, there is particular interest in funding a number of smaller projects up to £10,000.

There is a total budget of £400,000. The funding is for project delivery from December 2023 to May 2025.

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