As of July 2022, the Charitable Foundation’s focus is on supporting those in need of a safe and secure home, and we want to provide UK registered charities with grants to support this purpose.

For 2023 applications must be in by;
Wednesday 30 August for meeting 20th September
Monday 23 October for meeting 22 November

The list below indicates potential projects or organisations that may fit our purpose and criteria themes. This list doesn’t include every option, but should give a good idea of what we can fund.

  • Sustainability – projects that help with fuel poverty, energy efficiency or climate action relating to homes and housing
  • Health – projects that help those with health needs with housing, adaptations or advice
  • Financial stress – projects that help with bills or debt stress
  • Accessibility – projects that reduce loneliness, provide supported living services or adapt homes to make them safer for those with accessibility needs
  • Education and advice – projects that support money management or provide advice services
  • Security and refuge – projects that support emergency accommodation

Small grants – up to £1,000
For our small grants, we only accept requests to fund capital expenditure. This means that we fund the purchase of items used to directly help those in need, rather than contributing to a charity’s running costs. We’ll only accept small grant applications from UK registered charities with a turnover of less than £1 million.

Large Grants – £25,000 to £100,000
Applicants for large grants can apply for between £25,000 and £100,000. This can be a one year grant, or split across two or three years.

You can apply for core, project and/or capital costs. You can apply for new work or existing work, as long as you’re not requesting retrospective funding. We advise you to apply for what you need the most, in order to support those in need of a safe and secure home.

For our large grants, we’re only accepting grants from organisations based in or delivering work in Yorkshire and/or the North East of England.

We’ll only accept large grant applications from UK registered charities. There are no restrictions on turnover for our large grants.

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