The Mercers’ Company is a livery company focused on being a philanthropic force for good. We have a rich history dating back over 700 years with philanthropy as the common thread between our past, present and future.

Each year our aim is to distribute £15 million to charitable causes. Our giving is focused on Young People & Education, Older People & Housing and Church & Communities.

Funding Priorities: We fund churches, other secular and community based organisations: Proposals or organisations that deliver in one of the following priority areas:

Building Stronger Communities

People in the most disadvantaged communities coming together to address what is important to them – we expect proposals to be either: working in areas with the highest deprivation; or from organisations led and for minoritised communities – including black, minoritised ethnic, LGBT+ and disabled communities, as well as communities of women. Community responses to support people who are refugees or homeless proposals that enrich and improve people’s lives, as well as meeting basic needs

Delivering Better Outcomes for Families and Carers

Projects or organisations that provide in-depth whole family support to: families facing poverty or other challenges or unpaid carers and their families.

All proposals should:

  • Align closely to one of the priority areas listed above.
  • Demonstrate that they are both community rooted and focused.
  • Be from organisations that have a board, staff and volunteers that reflect the people they work with and the communities that they work in.
  • Demonstrate they promote positive mental wellbeing with the people they work with, as well as staff and volunteers.
  • Work with people in an asset-based way i.e. focus on what is strong, not what is wrong.
  • Show that they are person-centred, build positive inclusive relationships, promote wellbeing between people and increase a sense of belonging.
  • Be from organisations that provide support for people as long as they need it, whilst ensuring people are supported to take control of their own lives.
  • Be from organisations that are paying employees the Real Living Wage. If your organisation is currently unable to do this, please contact us to discuss.

Where we Fund: London, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Tees Valley, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

We make awards of between £10,000 to £120,000 in total. Awards can be for up to three years. Note that we will not generally award a grant that is over 50% of an organisation’s annual income in any given year.

We consider grants and loans or other social investments. As a flexible funder, we consider awards that cover core, unrestricted, project or development costs. In exceptional circumstances we fund capital costs; where there is an obvious lack of alternative local facilities. As part of an award we can support costs towards the wellbeing of leaders, staff and volunteers.

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