Nite Light CIC is a local company which was set up in April 2020 after a small group of friends walked the streets offering toiletries to the homeless.

Conversations were developed to identify the best way they could help.

Everyone deserves the essentials in life, we help by helping in the right way!

Nite Light CIC provide a cashless aid for the people who need it most. Their services are for anyone in need from students and pensioners to homeless, people in employment or people on furlough – everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and where people can’t afford to buy food, hygiene becomes second best.

They provide men’s, women’s and children’s hygiene bags and cards for meals, snacks and drinks.

Local cafes and bistros are supported by being a part of our scheme where our cards can be exchanged.

Their work doesn’t stop here, they are always looking to educate ourselves and work with other organisations who can offer further support and always look for new projects to support and connect our communities.

Nite light CIC runs from the generosity of the public, we offer you a way to support others in YOUR local area. If you live in Stockton you can be assured that your donation helps a person in Stockton. You can also choose how you want to help and what you spend your money on.

If you would like to help and can afford to please visit

Volunteering opportunities are also available with roles including helping to make up hygiene bags, leaflet dropping and giving out meal cards and hygiene bags.

For more information please email

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