The NHS Cancer Community Development team is offering a number of FREE cancer awareness training sessions.

  • Cancer Facts and Myths: An introduction to Cancer Awareness
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices 1: Smoking & Alcohol
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices 2: Healthy Eating and Obesity
  • Women’s Health 1: The 5 Gynae Cancers
  • Women’s Health 2: Breast Cancer
  • Bowel cancer: Signs & symptoms, key risk factors, screening programme and explanation of new testing kit
  • HPV Vaccination: Human Papilloma Virus/Vaccination/Cervical Cancer (for parents and teenagers)
  • Men’s Health: Lifestyle/Testicular, Prostate and Penile Cancers
  • Stay Safe in the Sun: Skin Cancer Awareness (for adults and children)
  • Cancer & Mental Health: Exploring the correlation between cancer and mental health and the impact of mental ill-health on cancer prevention and survival rate.
  • Cancer prevention through screening: Explanation and discussion of the national cancer screening programmes.

All sessions include recognising possible signs and symptoms of cancer, and information on national screening programmes, as relevant to the topic, therefore there will be some overlap of information across different workshops.

Information is delivered via Zoom using engaging activities in a relaxed, informal atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Sessions last for approximately 1 hour (up to 1.5 hours if discussion requires).

To book a session for your group please contact, Judy Chatfield, Cancer Community Development Worker, Tees Valley CCG

Mobile: 07552267641

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