Set up in 2015 by Persimmon, the UK’s leading house builder, Community Champions is a national programme where charities and groups can apply for funding up to the value of £1,000 to match money they have already raised themselves.

Groups and charities can apply every month for a donation.

Each of Persimmon Homes 31 business units as well as its PLC head office give away up to £2,000 every month (that’s £1,000 each to two community organisations or charities each month) for a total of up to £64,000 per month, or £768,000 per year.

This year, the Community Champions programme is open to all and does not have a specific focus as it did last year.

A wide range of good causes are supported including but not limited to food banks, hospices, carers support groups, schools, football clubs, swimming clubs, pet hospitals, ambulance services, and many others.

A simple online application form is available to complete on the Persimmon website. Groups should fill in the form, explaining why they deserve the donation, how much money they have raised and how much they need for a donation. This application will then be forwarded to the nearest local Persimmon business.

Winners will be informed direct during the month following their selection and the list of successful applications published at the end of that month.

Charities and groups which were previously unsuccessful can apply again.

Applications can be made at any time. There are no deadlines.


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