Article by Claire Andrews, Community Development Worker at Roseworth Big Local.

It seems so strange to want to celebrate after this last year, but that’s exactly what we will be doing in Roseworth on Friday the 16th April at 10:30am

Looking back at the big local ‘Facebook timeline’ (because let’s be honest; without it this last year would be a blur!) I can see that we were sharing posts about how to get your food delivered by wholesale suppliers because there was limited supplied in the local shops.

We all turned into amateur food detectives! There were hushed whispers and inbox messages exchanged: “Nisa has bread flour! Co-op has Yorkshire pudding mix! Heron has eggs!”. We can laugh about it now, but at the time there was a real need to get food out to our most vulnerable residents who were shielding and to our local families and children.

Great local organisations rallied to the cause and at Big Local we tried to figure out how we could support and connect with our local community when no one could leave our house. That’s when we came up with the idea of the online coffee morning.

We pulled it together in a week, local residents Karen and Sammie attended ‘Zoom Facilitation training’ so they could help people to get online and Claire roped in a friend to make us a poster for free (Thanks Stu!).

It was an anxious wait that first Friday morning on Zoom, but one by one people appeared in the waiting room. We spent part of our first meeting talking to someone’s slippers because they couldn’t turn the camera around! But we laughed through all the technical problems and we got there.

Coffee Morning

Since then the coffee morning has become an anchor for some of our residents; something to rely on for social support. Even our feedback showed it was having a positive impact on local people and their social and emotional wellbeing. We have been there through laughter, through tears, through happiness and sadly through loss. We took part in SIRF! We delivered a workshop and trained other big local areas across the country, we played the generation game and we even had international visitors all the way from America at our Christmas day event

Picture 5

We are really proud of what we have accomplished over this last year and look forward to being able to meet again in Person soon. This is only the beginning for our coffee morning group…

Roseworth Big Local would like to invite all of you to join us for our ‘birthday’ and reflect on all of our experiences from the last year.

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