We exist to help other charities do their jobs better.

We provide support and advice around funding, governance, training, and we use the intelligence generated from our network of several hundred voluntary sector organisations to represent the sector in discussions with others – primarily public sector partners.

Catalyst now offers consultancy services in various areas. We have a team of skilled, experienced people who work with us when projects come our way, either from voluntary sector bodies or public sector organisations.

We can offer support on the following types of projects:


This service will work with clients to evaluate the success of projects or programmes of work that they have undertaken. Our associates have an understanding of social impact, economic impact, and/or delivery of projects in local communities.

Many VCSEs take on contracts from external bodies and need to define outputs and outcomes so that the client can be assured about project performance. Our skilled team can help define outputs and outcomes, and/or to monitor achievement on behalf of a VCSE partner.

We can offer specialists who can work with clients to help them understand their market, and opportunities to grow their social enterprise.

We have experienced associates who can offer community consultation via a range of methods, qualitative or quantitative.

Successfully applying for funding from external sources is key to the sustainability of voluntary and community sector organisations and social enterprises. Our team of external bid-writers can help you to apply and write bids.

Catalyst has the opportunity to manage a number of programmes, working with community groups, often acting as the primary contractor with a number of sub-contractors working in local areas, or with specific population groups. We have a number of project managers who can help meet project objectives, successfully driving a project from beginning to completion.

You may need an interim manager whilst a vacancy is filled, perhaps for a Chief Executive or Senior Manager. We now offer interim management services.

Mediation is about resolving a problem that may have developed between two members of staff, or two organisations. Our skilled associates have experience in managing work-based conflict and mediation, they can help involved parties to consider the issues from a neutral perspective, and reach an agreement