Support VCSE here in Stockton-on-Tees

Though our work with the VCSE sector we hear first hand the needs of local organisations and community projects that are on the horizon. Below are some of the current projects looking for support or funding, some are seeking core funding for services which you may be able to offer through staff.

If you think you could support a project, please email and we will get one of our team to contact you.

If you would like to talk to one of our team please contact Lucy Owens at or 07949 318143.

We have a charity who refurbish laptops and other IT equipment but often need specific parts. For example they often get laptops donated with no power adapters or laptop batteries – older laptops donated usually have very poor battery health. By putting a new battery we can increase the life of the laptop and save it from having to be broken down and recycled. Also Hard drives (SSDs) by putting in a new SSD we can increase the speed and life of a computer. Then RAM – upgrading the RAM increases the life and power of older laptops.

Could you help with the items or funding to help give a new lease of life to this equipment and get them to those in our community who need them the most.

Do you or can you provide access to a van for IT equipment pick ups and drop offs

We have a charity who often need to pick up large quantities of kit from organisations and at the moment they either use their own cars or have to book a university van ( which has a long lead time and is not always available).

If you can help with transport or include on your own business runs please get in contact with us so we can connect you to this charity.

We have a charity looking specifically for the following IT equipment:

    • Laptops Windows 7 or above
    • All In One Desktops Windows 7 or above
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets

If you have any items please get in contact with us so we can connect you with this charity.

The hugely popular, Eid Fusion Festival returns to Ropner Park on Sunday 16th July 2023 from midday. Organised by voluntary groups Friends of Ropner Park and the Community Welfare Trust (CWT), the festival sets out to bring communities from all ethnicities, religions and cultures together for a large celebration.

The event features food stalls, craft areas, music, inflatables and fairground attractions. The theme this year is The Environment so many stalls will be specific to the theme.

Hundreds attend this wonderful event which encapsulates perfectly the diversity of both Stockton and Teesside as a whole promoting community cohesion.

The event relies on a large team of volunteers, including young people from the Police Cadets, HMP Kirklevington and many others. Organisers recognise the need to thank volunteers for the contribution they make and would like to offer a meal voucher for volunteers to redeem at the Café in the Park. A contribution of £250 would help ensure these volunteers are well fuelled and looked after during what is often a long volunteering shift.

Seeking sponsorship of activities, eg walking football, visits to places of interest for older men. Also looking for tools / equipment and first aid boxes.

£10,000 financial support for mentoring / thought leadership exchange. Attendance at in-house training programmes and provision of mental health training to private companies.

Core funding to support trained youth workers, estimate £10,000

Seeking financial support for internship, to support the recruitment of cinema volunteers. Also seeking support for awareness-raising and distribution of leaflets etc

Seeking plants, tools, gardening equipment to assist with grassroots and community projects.

Seeking £10,000 or services at no cost to help refurbish their building, inside and outside. Also seeking a car to help transport goods to residents.

Core funding of £10,000 to support a community centre and associated activities.

Seeking £10,000 funding for employee(s) to support horticultural projects. The group are also seeking larger plots of land to create a larger growing space for community food projects.

Help support Climate Change awareness and action through funding a member of staff to organise activities with organisations across the Borough. Using a central marketing platform to create awareness of the annual recognised Climate Coalition Great Big Green Week event. Support will aid production of marketing materials, website updates and other print assets. Estimate cost £3,000

£10,000 in core funding to support the creation of a digital strategy, volunteer management, and/or awareness-raising. Support would also allow for sponsorship for an award for a Teesside University student who promoted innovation for the neuro client group.

Seeking £10,000 to support the salary cost for a Community Centre worker.