Support VCSE here in Stockton-on-Tees

Though our work with the VCSE sector we hear first hand the needs of local organisations and community projects that are on the horizon. Below are some of the current projects looking for support or funding, some are seeking core funding for services which you may be able to offer through staff.

If you think you could support a project, please email and we will get one of our team to contact you.

If you would like to talk to one of our team please contact Megan Stevens at or 07497151648.

Accessible walking path and wheelchair friendly, this is so that the risks are reduced for individuals who come to spectate, join in events, or sport itself does not have to walk down the roads where cars are back and forth. In total estimated 140m of pathway we are looking to install, but we can do smaller sections if needed.

Based on the total amount, we would need:

21 tonnes of base stone

15 tonnes of grano dust

140m of 6′ x 1′ wooden boards

approx. 100 small wooden stakes

PPE – Gloves/safety glasses etc.

Hire of mini digger

Hire of compactor (wacker plate)


We are also interested in any businesses who would like to sponsor our Welfare and response vehicle for 12 months, to help contribute towards running costs. For £1000 we will add decals to the vehicle to thank and promote the business. We are constantly seeking financial donations from local businesses to support the continuing training, PPE, equipment, and general running costs associated with our inland lifeboat charity on the river Tees.


If a sponsor would Like to support the menopause session, we would greatly appreciate it. Businesses need menopause support, and this could be a two-way opportunity for a local business to get the support they need for staff as well as the community of south Stockton.

Volunteers to help with the outdoor area and any donations of gardening materials, plants, plant pots or decorations.


Support with donations, donations of soft furnishings, such as household items for people just starting out in their homes.

Possible tickets or support to take the residents out for the day. Also support with donations for occasions as do not receive anything.


Would like volunteers to support in their garden areas, to help tidy up and get their gardens into good shape for the summer.

Also, volunteers to support in the family hub, DBS checked and volunteer with the community engagement activities. Including events, marketing, and donations for appeals.


Donations of school uniform, to collect for families that struggle to pay for full uniform or any businesses that would like to donate or pay for certain amount to donate in.

  • Shirts
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Trousers


  • Refreshment donations
  • Financial donations
  • Resources and materials