Update from Catherine Richardson – Finding Me Care Home Projects Coordinator.

We’re halfway through another week, one more step closer to the end of Lockdown Part 2 and how are you feeling today?

  • Excited about the prospect of going for a walk around the block?
  • Nervous about going for your vaccine?
  • Lonely? I think we’ve all felt a little bit lonely over the past 12 months, even if we live with a house full of people.

At least I have Whatsapp and Zoom to see the faces of my friends and family, I can’t imagine how I would have coped if technology wasn’t as advanced or if I was elderly and couldn’t get my head around the internet!

Dad refuses to upgrade his mobile phone to a smart phone and instead chooses to wind up Mum by shouting out the answers from the background during our weekly family Whatsapp video quiz! But at least we get to see each other.

All this talk of conversation and keeping in touch reminds me of those out there who have loved ones they haven’t seen for months because they’re in a care home and yes we want to keep them safe but at what cost?

Projects like Finding Me are essential to keep people like my friend’s mum mentally healthy, the weekly telephone calls from the other members and the fortnightly support group meetings have been lifesaving, so it was vital that when Lockdown Part 2 was announced Catalyst find a way of keeping these channels open – We decided to join the technology army and go virtual……the now weekly zoom meetings are keeping the conversations flowing and the members connected; It is even teaching them new skills with some of them following basic instructions on how to set up their own zoom meetings with friends and family!

“This is fantastic, I’ve missed seeing everyone and I might even try it with my wine club friends” – Finding Me Member

If you know anyone you feel could benefit from the Finding Me project please get in touch:

Catherine.richardson@catalyststockton.org / 01642 733906

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