The Ballinger Charitable Trust was founded in 1994 and seeks to support charities, CICs and community groups in North-East England, through grants and funding. They have two types of funding available Unrestricted / Core Grant and Project / Capital Grant.

Their focus tends to sit with two main areas;


We award grants to organisations supporting children and young people (aged 0 to 19 / 25 SEN) throughout the North-East, supporting their health, development and well-being.

Priority is given to organisations:

who are working within a community experiencing disadvantage, and
who are based in the heart of that community, and
who have long term, open-ended relationships with their young people

We do not have any hard and fast rules about use of grants (other than exclusively charitable purposes). We consider you, the people working in the VCS sector, the experts. Our role is to use our available resources to support your organisation as best we can.

Please note, as well as the above priorities, our support of CICs is usually to those with a strong enterprise model, who can demonstrate some independent governance.


We work with a range of charitable organisations supporting older people (over 55) in the region, in particular:

Local community groups, with priority given to those based in the more disadvantaged areas, including rural or coastal isolation
Dementia support and advice
Family carers
We are specifically interested in supporting those organisations who are based in the heart of the community they serve, have a real understanding of the needs of their local people and who are focused on developing long-term relationships within their community.

We rely on you to tell us your priorities for grant funding; be it regular core or unrestricted funding, or to support weekly activities for older people – or even a larger grant to showcase a new aspect of dementia support.

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