Charities, CIOs and CICs registered and working in the UK can apply. The minimum grant awarded is £5,000. Applications must be made in writing and may be submitted at any time.

The funding is for charitable projects that address the Foundation’s four areas of focus:

  • Royal Navy and Royal Marines – to improve their quality of life.
  • Youth – provide opportunities and support for disadvantaged young people.
  • Education – opportunities and support for people.
  • Health – to support people living with disabilities.

Grants can be used for

  • Project costs (for projects that directly impact beneficiaries).
  • Capital projects eg new buildings, extensions, refurbishment and recreational spaces.
  • IT projects, moving services online, setting up helplines etc.
  • Minibuses.
  • Equipment and furniture.
  • Salaries (for positions that directly impact beneficiaries).
  • Events that directly impact beneficiaries.

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