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The Reducing Parental Conflict Programme is being delivered across England within four regions known as Contract Package Areas.

The CPA’s are led by Gateshead, Westminster, Hertfordshire and Dorset. Stockton is part of the North East CPA led by Gateshead, and this programme has 3 strands that professionals have access to:

  • Strategic Leadership Support
  • Practitioner Training
  • Specialist relationship interventions

‘Inter parental relationships’ are defined for the purpose of the programme as relating to both intact and separated couples and ‘conflict’ as frequent, intense and poorly resolved discord between parents and carers.

You are invited to attend one of the following Reducing Parental Conflict Practitioners workshops. These are for line managers and front line practitioners and will provide an opportunity for you to discuss the reducing parental conflict training available for practitioners and meet with the provider of the four evidence based relationship programmes available for parents/carers.

Practitioner Workshops

Thursday 13.06.201912.30 – 15.30EDC @ Stockton 6th Form Room A
Friday 21.06.201913.00 – 16.00EDC @ Stockton 6th Form Room A
Monday 24.06.201909.00 – 12.00EDC @ Stockton 6th Form Room A
Tuesday 25.06.201915.00 – 18.00EDC @ Stockton 6th Form Room D-017


Arrival and refreshments
 10minsWelcome and Introduction to the eventMandie Morris
10minsReducing Parental Conflict Programme in the North EastDi Robertson – DWP
10minsHealthy RelationshipsJane Smith
30minsSurvey resultsALL
15minsParental Conflict and Domestic AbuseRachel Batey
10minsRefreshment Break
20minsStockton’s Parenting and Community OfferKellie Wigley
30minsRelationship programmeMartin Todd
30minsReferral Gateway processKim Knowles
Close of event – Thanks for attending


To book a place please complete the application form and return it to the email address stated.