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This page aims to provide updates from VCSE sector organisations in Stockton-on-Tees and their working operations during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The following are recent statements from VCSE sector organisations:

  • Billingham Environmental Link Programme (BELP):
    Due to recent Government/Public Health England advice Billingham Environmental Link Programme (BELP) have taken the difficult decision to close all our community facilities to the public with immediate effect. This decision has been taken to protect the wider community.If you need any advice/support in these difficult times we will be able to offer advice and signposting to the relevant organisations.BELP Staff will continue to cover the following telephone line – 01642 564077
    Email: will also be regularly updating our Facebook page –
    We would urge all members of the community to be vigilant and to ensure they are following up to date advice from Public Health England.
  • Corner house Youth Project
    Due to recent Government/Public Health England advice Newtown Community Resource Centre including, The Corner House Youth Project, have taken the difficult decision to close this building to the public with immediate effect. This decision has been taken to protect the wider community. If you need any advice/support in these difficult times we will be able to offer advice and signposting to the relevant organisations.Corner House Youth Project Staff will work from home and will cover the following email address
    Email: also keep an eye on our Corner House Youth Project’s Facebook page for any updates.
  • ARC Stockton Arts Centre
    In light of the government’s announcement this afternoon about avoiding non-essential social contact, ARC will be closed to the public from 6.30pm, Monday 16 March. The decision to close has been made with the best interests of our customers, audiences and visitors in mind, and while we sincerely regret any inconvenience and disappointment this may cause, our responsibility to play a part in delaying the spread of COVID-19 must come first.Please visit our website for further details:
  • DZ Circus Skills
    Following this evenings Government statements DZ Circus School have taken the decision for the best interest of our user’s health and wellbeing to stop all classes with immediate effect. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates, we look forward to being able to resume classes. For now, stay safe and where possible get into the garden to practise your circus skills
  • Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind
    In order to protect our service users, clients and staff we have taken the decision to provide our services by phone or online until it is safe to do otherwise. If you have an existing appointment or have any concerns at all please contact us on 01642 257020.
  • Butterwick Hospice
    Following current guidelines, we will continue to provide day care services this week, however all-day care services will stop from Friday 20th March, we will, however, continue to maintain contact with our patients with telephone support. All of our drop in and social groups will cease with immediate effect and support will again be available by telephone and we are exploring other alternatives to maintain contact.Family support will continue to provide counselling services guided by individual circumstances. At the moment we are planning to reschedule our fundraising events. If you have booked for any of our upcoming events we will be in touch as soon as possible. Our shops are continuing to open at the moment.It is vital that we continue to receive donations at this difficult time, as we anticipate our need to support the local community will increase due to the current crisis. Obviously, our top priority will continue to be everyone’s safety and wellbeing. If we need to change the way we work we will share updates via our website, social media and through our shops.
  • Roseworth Big Local
    In response to government guidelines, we have decided to postpone all our groups until further notice. This will include: Bingo, Youth Club, Football sessions, Community choir, Running group, Walking group and any planned planting sessions. We will continue to post advice and information for our residents. We understand this is a difficult time so we are looking at creative ways to keep in touch online, over the phone and with live video chats. Follow our Facebook and Instagram page to keep updated about what’s going on in #Roseworth
  • Daisy Chain Superstore
    We are taking precautions within the Superstore to ensure everyone’s health is a priority whilst visiting us and continuing to support Daisy Chain during the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19). We have made the difficult decision that as from Saturday 21st March, we will not be accepting any donations at our Superstore until further notice. We have taken this decision to safeguard our customers, staff and volunteers against the spread of COVID-19. As it stands, the Superstore remains open for our dedicated customers to continue to shop with us and visit our coffee shop, all whilst raising increasingly vital funds for Daisy Chain and local families affected by autism. We’d like to thank you all for your amazing on-going support during these tremendously difficult times and look forward to welcoming you all in-store.
  • Teesside DEmentia Link Service
    We are still open as usual and here to offer support, you are not alone. All of next months Dementia, Cafe’s, Support Groups, Craft Groups, Baby Yoga, Circus Skills, Lunch Clubs, Cinema Club, Wool and Yarn Group, have been cancelled as many venues have closed. All home visits, external meetings, form filling, representation befriending and carer contact service will continue as normal, however, we do ask if you have experienced any symptoms of the virus you let us know beforehand so we can decide the best way forward.We will be offering support in different ways:
    1. If you attend the craft groups we will be dropping of “crafts” to your home
    2. If you are part of the Cinema club we have a number of DVD’s you can borrow we can drop these off at your home
    3. If you attend the Carers Support Groups you will be contacted by the carer contact service, even if you have not registered for this service.
    4. We are aware that staying in for the next 2 to 6 weeks is not an option for some people with dementia, visiting open spaces and going for walks is still OK, we will be contacting those of you who we know this apply s to in order to organise park or coast visits. We will discuss the precautions we will need to take.
    5. If you are unable to go shopping, (all chemist now offer delivery service for your prescriptions) we will do our best to match you with a volunteer who can help. (if you would like to volunteer to do this please let us know) You have not been abandoned, or left to cope on your own, all services, are still available but maybe in a different form for the next month or so.
  • Five Lamps
    We are still open and delivering vital services such as domiciliary care. We have decided to close our youth services this evening, but we will still continue to support in other ways such as providing food packages and helping where we can.
  • LittleSprouts Health & Wellbeing
    We are cooking meals from Hartington Rd kitchen and doing a takeaway service for the immediate community. Meals on wheels for the pensioners and helping to distribute the pack lunches for the free school meals project. Anyone who needs us to help .. please let us know.
  • A Way Out
    Each day, our teams are offering daily activities and check-ins over Facebook, text and phone calls. We are ensuring that our clients do not feel isolated during this time and if they are in crisis, that support is available to them.

    Our Blossom, Liberty and Youth and Families teams are each going out once a week to take food and toiletry parcels to those in need, and ensuring they have all the essential items that they need. We are ensuring that each visit is complying with government guidelines to protect staff and clients.

    Although our shutters may be down and our office building may be closed, we are very much still available and want to ensure that no one feels alone within this time, and we are actively involved in taking care of the most vulnerable. If you would like any more information, or if you are aware of someone who would need to access our support please contact

    Please do keep the vulnerable women, families and young people who A Way Out supports in your thoughts and prayers.

  • Age UK Teesside
    In these challenging times, lots of people have been asking us how they can support older people who are staying at home.The services delivered by Age UK and our partners typically require an application and training process that can take several weeks to complete.In order to best support those older people who may be in need of some simple assistance immediately, we want to encourage you to take part in neighbourly volunteering.We’ve put together a simple training video and our own spin on a postcard you can complete to offer help and to provide some key information to your older neighbours.
    Click here for more information
  • SARC
    Teesside Sexual Assault Referral Centre is business as usual, providing 24h support for anyone who has experienced rape, sexual assault or other forms of sexual abuse.
  • BCT Aspire
    As you are all probably aware from the press and media coverage and in light of the latest government advice, BCT Aspire has made the decision that we shall be suspending all our youth activities from Monday 23rd March until further notice. (PLEASE NOTE: Trytime is now suspended immediately).
  • Alzheimer’s Society
    Alzheimer’s Society is continually monitoring the evolving situation and following the latest Government advice with regards to our services and events. It is important to stop coronavirus spreading while also ensuring people living with dementia, and those affected by it, continue to be supported. We are concerned that isolation could also be extremely detrimental for the wellbeing of people living with dementia. We are looking at how to best to stay in touch and support people affected by dementia during this time. We hope the following information is of use when in contact with local people concerned about the impact of the virus and those affected by dementia. As the situation develops, we will update you with further information about our services and resources. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any further questions, or if we can support in any other ways.Local Alzheimer’s Society teams continue to provide information, support and guidance to those who need it. To ensure the wellbeing of our service users, volunteers and staff, we have made some changes to how this support is provided. This may change depending on future government guidance, but at present the following is in place in your area:Direct support for people affected by dementia:
    – All face-to-face and home visits have currently been suspended.
    – We will increase the number of keeping in touch telephone calls with service users to help support their wellbeing and guard against isolation.
    – We will be extending the operating hours of our national Dementia Connect Support Line. Trained advisors can be contacted via 0333 150 3456 for advice and guidance.

    Group support:
    All local group sessions have been suspended.
    We are working with our volunteers to develop ways to continue to support group members via other methods.

    Online support:

    Advice and guidance on a range of issues is available on our website. We would encourage people to join Dementia Talking Point. This is our online community where people affected by dementia can receive valuable support from people in similar situations.

    Further support:

    People with questions about what they should be doing and how they should be interacting with people living with dementia at this time can access this guidance.
    Any community groups or individuals that wish to support vulnerable adults during this time can contact Alzheimer’s Society for information and guidance. This includes how to access our online Dementia Friends awareness sessions.
    Alzheimer’s Society contact details:
    Telephone: 0333 150 3456
  • Healthwatch Stockton-on-Tees
    Healthwatch continue to deliver up to date reliable information to residents and is also continuing to provide the Information Signposting service which they will of course link to the Support Team.
  • SSNP and SSNP plus
    Our offer during the crisis is; we can receive new referrals either self-referred or from our partners via the telephone, to support people with one to one support.
    The support will include:

    • Initial phone call to introduce the service and discuss requirements. There will then be another date/time made with a plan of next apt and content. (aprox 20 – 30 min slots) We will also give an overview of the topics which can be covered and agree which topics clients would like to focus on. Agree date and time for next call. Potentially weekly or fornightly calls.
    • Topics covered can include Healthy Eating, Benefits of relaxation and exercise, Goal setting and motivation, 5 Ways to Wellbeing.
    • Staying healthy while in isolation will be underpinned in all topics (personal hygiene, routine, staying in touch etc).
    • Offer to email resources, links to information.
  • Tees Valley Nature partnership (TVNP)
    Whilst most places have closed their car parks to prevent unnecessary travel and gatherings of people sites are being kept open to allow people to get outdoors in nature for exercise so long as you can get there by foot (or push bike!)Organisations that are keeping their reserves and sites open whilst closing their car parks include: Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, the Canal and Rivers Trust, Forestry England and the Woodland Trust. They are all working hard to keep their reserves open for people during the current time as we recognise time outdoors in nature really helps our all round well-being.
    Read their latest newsletter
  • Tees Valley Routes to Work
    Our team is currently working from home but are still fully equipped to offer the following support:
    – Taking new referrals
    – Telephone information and advice to existing and new clients
    – Client employment referrals to employers seeking new staff
    – Distance Learning Support through our Learning and Skills Team
    – Welfare support through our Welfare Team
    – Weekly telephone client support calls
    – Assisting clients with on-line CV writing and applications.

    We are working Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

    If you would like further information or would like to refer someone to our service, please email