In July 2024, youth workers from Corner House Youth Project will be climbing Cat Bells in the Lake District to raise funds to install Bleed Kits across the Borough. Bleed Kits are highly visible kits, containing emergency supplies to offer rapid first aid to someone who is experiencing significant loss of blood or a catastrophic bleed before an ambulance arrives. These kits can be the difference between life and death. Knife crime is a concern in various parts of the United Kingdom, and unfortunately, the statistics for violent crime and knife-related deaths in our area is higher than average. Serious violence is part of the landscape in several areas of the borough, specifically in the planned locations for the Bleed Kits, including Ropner, Newtown and Mandale & Victoria.

“Unfortunately, times have changed and working on the front line with young people who are victims of exploitation and violence, we see the devastating consequences of this, so we know that education around knife crime simply isn’t enough to protect our young people, they need to feel safe, and these kits will allow our young people to feel safer and in the worst case scenario could be life-saving. Having access to the right first aid resources before emergency services arrive can be the difference” Ashleigh Taylor, Youth Engagement Lead, Corner House Youth Project

Knife crime creates a climate of fear and insecurity within a community. Residents may feel unsafe in public spaces, leading to decreased community engagement, limited social interactions, and restricted access to essential services. Addressing knife crime requires a multi-faceted approach, including effective law enforcement, community engagement, education, and support services. By working together, communities can strike to prevent and respond to knife crime, fostering a safer and more secure environment for all residents.

It’s a sad situation that we have to fundraise for this type of equipment, but they really are necessary. Our children and young people are experiencing incidents of serious violence, with worrying frequency which we are working with partners to reduce. In the meantime, we hope these kits may prevent the worst-case scenario of a child or young person dying as a result of knife crime. Any support you can offer to our team’s brilliant efforts would be appreciated” – Debbie Jones, CEO, Corner House Youth Project

The team at Corner House Youth Project are aiming to raise £800 to fund Bleed kits for the area, if you are in the position to donate then they would appreciate it very much, but even a simple share of the go-fund me page is appreciated to spread the word.

You can donate or share the fundraiser HERE

You can find out more about the work that Corner House Youth Project does HERE

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