The Catalyst Awards celebrate and reflect on the efforts and the successes of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in Stockton-on-Tees.


Volunteers give so much to their community, and we’d like to say thank you!

Individual people can have such a positive impact on those around them. We want to celebrate those who consistently put others first.

Being Volunteer of the Year doesn’t have to mean someone has done the most hours or the most extreme volunteering, but someone who has dedicated at least part of their time consistently to making a difference in their community.

So let’s recognise the hard work of volunteers together, nominate for our “Volunteer of the Year” award today

Age can’t stop you from making a difference to your community!

Regardless of the scope, whether it’s with individuals or organisations, your support will have a positive impact large or small.

And it’s willingness to help consistently that makes someone volunteer of the year material.

If you’d like to recognise the efforts of the next generation of community minded folk, please nominate today!

VCSE Organisations have such an incredible impact on their community, but it’s the individual people who are doing the work and making the difference.

Our VCSE Employee of the Year award is for those who realise working in the sector is more than just a job. They go above and beyond expectations to provide support to the community.

If you know someone who has sent positive ripple effects across their organisation or community, please nominate them today and help us recognise their extra efforts!

Community groups can be so many different things. From sports teams, to reading or hobby clubs, to support groups, there is a community of people like you waiting to welcome you in!

The impact of having support and a place to go relax and meet new friends can’t be replaced. Community groups band together to make a difference in lots of unexpected ways! From the impact on involved individuals, or even community projects and activities, there is so much good being done.

If you know of or are part of a community group that looks out for its members and the town around them, please nominate them today!

We have so much to be thankful for from our public sector organisations! From emergency services and health care to education and housing, there is so much that the public sector does for our community.

We want to celebrate the public sector teams that have gone above and beyond for Stockton-on-Tees.

How did an individual or group help you feel like the most important person in the world? Is there a team that you feel saved your life that you just can’t thank enough?

Nominate today, and show just how much their sacrifices and hard work mean!

Our favourite enterprises put the community first and focus on giving back. Whether it’s time, services or money, donations help keep the country and all its support running.

We want to thank those who have responded to their community by providing vital aid and addressing specific needs. For all those working hard already who still find the time and effort for their community.

If you know of a private organisation or business that has helped the communities across Stockton-on-Tees please nominate them today, and say thank you.

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations often operate with the goal to enrich the lives of their community.

We’re looking to celebrate the outstanding!

Those who have reliably provided support, or specialised services. Those who’ve been there when you needed them, for whatever reason. Those who understand their community and work to make it a better place to live each day.

If you know a VCSE organisation that has excelled in providing support to their community, please nominate today!

Game changers, risk takers and mould breakers!
We’re looking for a VCSE organisation that has stepped up for Stockton-on-Tees.

The last few years have been demanding and raised issues never before seen by the community. Our Innovation award is here to thank those who adapted in 2021-2022 in the face of this hardship and uncertainty.

Do you know a group that took a new approach and made ground-breaking changes to the VCSE sector? Nominate them today, and help us say thank you!

New VCSE organisations are formed each year, by an individual or people coming together and tackling an important community goal together.

We want to celebrate those that have taken the plunge this year and have already made an impact on their community.

Has a group risen to address a specific underserved need of your community? Have they taken a new approach that has made waves? Do they already provide important support and services that make Stockton-on-Tees a better place to live?

If you know a VCSE organisation that officially began its journey this year, and the community is glad to see it, nominate today!