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About Community Health Ambassadors

Community Health Ambassadors (CHA) is a project developed by the Hartlepool & Stockton-on-Tees Clinical Commissioning Group (HAST CCG) in 2015 to help it effectively engage and involve local people in the planning, development and commissioning of NHS health services.

Catalyst co-ordinate a team of over 20 committed, informed and passionate volunteers who represent a wide range of communities across the area.

Ambassadors aim to:

  • Seek and listen to the views, experiences and feelings of their communities on local health services
  • Ensure that the views of the public are properly reflected in the decision making of the CCG
  • Feedback to those taking part on how their comments have been used to inform and influence the work of the CCG
  • Raise awareness of health issues and keep people updated with changes to health services
  • Attend public engagement events on behalf of the community

Our ambassadors have successfully engaged with over 600 patients and 50 organisations to spread key NHS messages, improve services and patient experience.

National Recognition for Involving Patients in Improving Healthcare

In 2018 Catalyst received grant funding from NHS England to ‘share and celebrate patient and public involvement in improving Healthcare’.

To capture how we have involved patients over the years, we created a short film including some real life examples from our volunteers and partners. This video aims to inform other health professionals, services and commissioners about our work and explain how to deliver similar models of patient involvement across the country.

View the full video/animation below: (Produced by Beamback)

We also held an interactive workshop with our volunteers to get their tips and recommendations for other health services looking to use or implement a model similar to ours. The discussions from this workshop were captured using a ‘Graphic Recording’ artist from Creative Connection.

Click the image below to download the artwork.

More information about Community Health Ambassadors

For further information please visit the Community Health Ambassadors website at

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Community Health Ambassador please contact Alice Robinson on 01642 733906 or