About The Big Local

The Big Local is part of an ongoing experiment to give communities the means to determine the best way to support their local areas.

Catalyst acts as the Locally Trusted Organisation for the Roseworth Big Local which is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and managed by the Local Trust. In Stockton-on-Tees, the Big Local area is in Roseworth.

The Roseworth Big Local is run by a group of dedicated local residents and Ward Councillors, and facilitated by Catalyst Stockton, who act as the Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO).

Catalyst’s role is to support the residents and members of the Roseworth Big Local in administering the funding as directed by the Roseworth Big Local Partnership Board.

History of the Big Local in Roseworth


Consultation with Roseworth residents was undertaken to inform the Roseworth Big Local plan, to ensure that the actions of the Roseworth Big Local Partnership were in line with the needs of the Ward. A plan was written and submitted to the Local Trust


A group of local residents, ward councillors, and advisers was convened to guide the overall direction of the Big Local in Roseworth, they are now called the Roseworth Big Local Partnership. In December 2016, the Local Trust endorsed the Roseworth Big Local Plan.


With the Roseworth Big Local plan forming the roadmap, the Roseworth Big Local Partnership set out to enhance the lives of people living in Roseworth by improving their local community and environment.

In 2016 the Roseworth Big Local did the following:

  • Set up a children’s and young people’s activity group who meet regularly.
  • Supported a number of activities throughout the Easter holidays.
  • Began running children’s and young people’s football sessions with Bernie Slaven.
  • Put on a Halloween party for the Ward
  • Facilitated bus trips for people in the ward to South Shields and Whitby.
  • Joint funded the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) now open to the public on Roseworth.
  • Hosted a Summer Fun Day for everyone in the Ward on the grounds of Kiora Hall.
  • Put on a Christmas Party for children in the ward.
  • Supported Tees Credit Union in running saving schemes in the Ward.
  • Supported a number of local groups in their activities.
  • Consulted and lobbied on behalf of residents for a change in bus routes in the Ward.
  • Supported Roseworth Residents Association in their celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.
  • Put on a celebration for the British Cycling event.


By 2017, Roseworth Big Local Partnership were well established and engaging in constructing a network of events, activities, and good works across the ward.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Further funding for children’s and young people’s activity groups.
  • More activities and celebrations during the Easter holidays.
  • Part funded a sensory garden for Autistic children in the ward.
  • Increased the provision of football groups with Bernie Slaven.
  • Hosted another Roseworth Fun Day during the summer.
  • Funded a Summer Bus Trip in partnership with Tees Valley Wildlife.
  • Set up Roseworth’s Community Bingo Group.
  • Researched and lobbied on behalf of children’s activities within the ward.
  • Funded and secured, in partnership with Stockton Borough Council, outdoor gym equipment on the grounds of Kiora Hall.
  • Funded outdoor health and fitness sessions in partnership with Tees Active.
  • Contributed to local health initiatives such as Fizz Free February.
  • Funded new goal posts on the local football field.
  • Made a contribution to Roseworth Lodge for their resident’s activities.

If you are looking to deliver services or activities in Roseworth there might be funding to help you get started. To find out more or to get involved, please call 01642 733906.