Good governance is the key to any successful VCSE organisation, regardless of your size or objectives.

Catalyst can provide you with support to work with your group or organisation on governance and ensure that you’re getting it right.

Any group or organisation can benefit from governance support. Even the smallest groups need to be well run and even the most well-run organisation can always find ways to improve.

If your organisation is able to demonstrate that it is well run and has good governance in place, it makes it easier to get people involved – whether committee members/Trustees, volunteers and service users. It will re-assure any current funders and make you a more attractive proposition to new funders and also help you build sustainable working relationships with other VCSE organisations or partners in the Public Sector

Finally, with effective governance in place, your organisation will reduce the risk of fraud, conflict or reputational damage.

Catalyst was commended for working to support the Community Asset Transfer of Marsh House Sports Block. The transfer secured the centre for the community and contributed to the Councils overall savings of £1.4 Million.

Examples of issues that can be supported via our Governance Support

  • Your organisation was established a long time ago – and your governing document now needs need to be updated or you may not even be sure whether you have a constitution at all
  • Your organisation is new and just getting to grips with how to run things or you may have an idea and want to establish a new organisation to deal with an identified gap or issue in the community
  • It could be that your organisation is facing particular challenges in how it is run. For example, you may have skill gaps on your committee – or you might be finding it difficult to recruit new committee members – or fill the role of Chair, Treasurer or Secretary
  • Your committee members need training to better understand their roles and responsibilities
  • You might not be sure whether your group is fully compliant with all the requirements of company law or the Charity Commission and or other statutory requirements relating to key areas such as safeguarding or general data protection regulations
  • You want to reduce the risks faced by your group
  • You are concerned that conflicts of interest are not being properly dealt with
  • You want to make your group more attractive to funders.

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We offer a full range of training and workshop opportunities as well as support around organisational development in areas such as governance.

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Catalyst hosts 8 Forums, providing an opportunity for Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations in Stockton to come together and talk about the issues that matter.

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